Sarah McCabe


Sarah McCabe is a Canadian violist based in London, England.  She specializes in contemporary classical viola music and has premièred many works by composers both in Canada and England.  Sarah also is a songwriter and performs original music for voice, viola, and violin under the name HENDRA.  She is passionate about music and the viola, and goes by @violamadness on social media. 

Cortauld Gallery with Alessia Naccarato and 2021 Concerts

Performed at 2021 Concerts’ event Pairs at the Cortauld Gallery, with singer Alessia Naccarato. The theme was music for voice and one instrument, and the concert was presented by 2021 concerts in the stunning setting of London's Courtauld Gallery. Alessia and I performed pieces by Richard Melkonian and Julian Philips.

Patricia Auchterlonie
Mimi Doulton (soprano)
Alessia Naccarato (mezzo-soprano)
Toni Berg (flute)
Sarah McCabe (viola)
Tamaki Sugimoto (cello)

Sofia Gubaidulina - Brief an die Dichterin Rimma Dalos (1985)
Richard Melkonian - In Memoriam (2016)
Matthew Olyver - Purest White on the Sea of Heaven (2018 - WORLD PREMIERE)
Julian Philips - Coronach (1995)
Kate Soper - Only Words Themselves Mean What They Say (2010-11)
Sir John Tavener - Akhmatova Songs (1993)

Diva- A Drag Aria

Recorded for Vasilis Alevizos’ new opera project Diva- an aria and short film being produced for Channel 4. We recorded in a church in Marylebone, and the video will be filmed in churches and opera houses all over continental Europe. The piece is scored for large string ensemble, piano, soprano, and theremin! I had a really wonderful time recording, and accidentally got lipstick on my bowhair. Go figure.

Recording Libby Larsen Duo

Got the chance to record Libby Larsen's 'In Such a Night', which is a duet for two violas and spoken word.  The text comes from Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice. I love working with other violists, and Katherine Clarke is not only a fantastic player, but also lovely person.  We're planning to include this piece in a duo concert in the near future.  A recording can be found on the music page of this website, or on SoundCloud. 

Recording Liam Elliot's Spine

Recorded composer Liam Elliot’s new quartet Spine today in the Hornsey Town Hall. The Hornsey Town Hall is a really beautiful art deco building that has now been turned into an artist co-op. Perfect acoustics for a recording, less than perfect temperatures. Liam says, “Spine is named for the stark white trunks of birch, which remain constant as the colours of the seasons shift the rest of the forest around them in cyclic, gradual layers.”

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